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Completing a thorough, deep clean of your home can feel like a looming and impossible task on your to-do list but breaking it down can really help to make it feel much more manageable.

To guide you through the process and to make sure you don’t miss a spec of dirt, we’ve compiled a useful checklist which we’ve broken down room-by-room – meaning that your house will be spick and span in no time at all.



✅ Declutter (including clearing out THAT drawer)
✅ Clean the worktop, cabinets and sink
Organise your fridge and cupboards
The dreaded deep clean of the oven
Clean all appliances and rubbish bins
Mop and clean the floor


Living room

✅ Declutter
✅ Dust the ceiling, including corners and where it meets your walls
Wipe down coffee tables, window sills and other surfaces
Hoover carpets, rugs and and soft furnishings
Plump the cushions and wash any blankets or throws
Polish all wooden furniture



✅ Declutter
✅ Sort out your washing and put away any clothes
Strip your bed and remake with fresh, clean bedding
Dust and wipe down all surfaces
Hoover the carpet



✅ Dust light fixtures and fittings
✅ Clear away any cobwebs – especially behind sinks/toilets and around baths/showers where they meet walls and floors
Wipe all surfaces e.g. worktops, tiles and mirrors
Clean the bath, shower, toilets and sinks
Refresh hand soaps and towels


Garden and outside areas

✅ Clean the windows
✅ Sweep the patio, porch and driveway
Hose down any outdoor furniture
Clean the BBQ


By breaking down this lengthy list and tackling it bit by bit, it takes away the burden of housework and makes it much more manageable. Don’t feel like you have to tackle all of this in one day, spread it over a weekend to lessen the pressure and make it feel that bit more enjoyable. Listening to music while you clean is a great way to get into the groove and inject a bit of fun into your routine.

If you make use of our checklist for your next deep clean, let us know how you get on by sharing your photos and tagging us on social media – we can’t wait to see your sparkling homes!